People Committee Assurance Report


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 People Committee Assurance Report

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 Wendy Thomas, Non-Executive Director

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The Board is asked to:

  • Receive assurance from the business discussed at the meeting and to review the matters for escalation and referral
  • Receive the draft WRES and WDES data report for submission to NHSE by 30/5/23

Link to Strategic Objective

Be an exceptional place to work, volunteer and learn


Provide outstanding quality of care and performance

Be excellent collaborators and innovators as system partners


Be an environmentally and financially sustainable organisation



Summary of Items Considered at the Meeting






LGBT+ Staff Support Network Update

The Committee was clear that the care we show to those who identify as LGBT+ in our workforce reflects the value we place upon diversity in all its forms.

Can we be sure that if we don’t value diversity we can assure ourselves that we are providing appropriate and acceptable care to the diverse communities we serve? 

The Committee heard from Graham Clark, Co-Chair of the Network. There have been many areas of good progression objectives in the last year and the Committee heard of plans for Pride month (June)

The Network is probably the most mature and progressive of all the Trust networks and the Committee heard how the national support via The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives helps that. The Committee debated how the Trust might duplicate that support for the other networks. The next priorities are to update the Transgender policy and associated work plan and address the need for gender-neutral questions when generating or updating the ePCR (electronic Patient Care Record). 


Integrated Strategy, Culture and Education Report

Of particular note:

Great progress by the driver training unit on both C1 and CERAD (blue light driving training)

Appraisals were 33% 1 year ago and now 74%

Some concern re: the number of Practice Educators (previously 1:19, currently 1:15 and target is 1:5. HEE Improvement plan remains open as a result but plans, including the revised model fro EMT training will help this in the future)

Benchmarking of extraction rates shows many variables in the way the figure is calculated – thus national work underway to benchmark accurately


The Committee noted the continued excellent progress across a majority of the Strategy, Education and Culture focused metrics.

The Committee noted that this directorate is now showing greater control, planning and management. A robust forward plan exists with clear actions and a method to assess and report progress.


WRES and WDES Data Report

The Committee considered the data provided to gain assurance that the WRES and WDES workforce data was accurate. 

The report was approved, with some agreed minor amendments, and it is recommended that the Board accept the draft plan for submission to enable the team to meet the deadline of 30.05.2023.


Revised Educational Model for EMTs

The Committee were advised on the revised model accepted by ELT. This new model provides an in-house solution, with a HEI partner, reduces reliance on the current external provider and reduces the timescale for achievement from 18 to 6 months.

Current apprentices and those starting in the next year will be supported to the end of the current existing programmes.

There is no increase in cost and the solution does not have implications for the apprenticeship levy. The Committee noted the potential for this approach to reduce attrition for this group of staff and asked for an audit of quality and effectiveness is undertaken within 6 months of the programme starting. Agreed HEI partner to be advised in due course.


Internal Audit: Staff Survey, Engagement and Development

The Committee received the Internal Audit report that was conducted in December 22.

The overall assessment was of limited assurance and there were 7 recommendations made. 2 recommendations were considered urgent, 4 were important and 1 was considered routine. All actions have now started, 4 actions have been completed and closed. The remainder have longer-term deadlines. 

The Committee noted the Internal Audit report and progress made against the recommendations. Moderate
Integrated People Services Report

Of particular note:

Great progress on most metrics and some huge programmes are being delivered. Report is now by ICB area and the EOCs demonstrating the effectiveness of the HR business partners. This will enable HR metrics to be fed into the accountability sessions.

Area of concern: appointment to the advanced Practitioner roles. The workforce plan has a target of 30 and so far, zero appointed. Workshop held 26/4/23 to develop career pathways and incentives for these roles. 

The Committee noted the continued excellent progress across all the people focused metrics.

Health and Safety Action Plan

The Committee received a self-assessment report that indicated that the Trust is now compliant in 6 of the 8 statutory areas of responsibility.

It is necessary to address the Health & Safety risk assessments (There are 165 outstanding and benchmarking with other Trusts indicates others are currently in a similar position. 5 priority 1 areas = compliance in the highest areas of risk by August 23. Moderate assurance can be achieved by December 23 as the priority 2 risk assessments are updated)

The second area of non-compliance is in Health & Safety mandatory training.

The Committee had previously received reports in January and February 23 indicating that the Trust was non-compliant in 6 of the 8 areas. Whilst the current situation is a significant improvement on that position, the report presented gave no evidence of how this position had changed. The Committee felt unsighted on the transition and thus confidence levels were low. The last structural insight was the independent report in October 22 and so the Committee felt an independent assessment of the current position was required.

The governance team agreed to review the evidence and provide assurance to the Committee meeting in June 23.
Board Assurance Framework

Risks, with the exception of the risk relating to Health & Safety, were being mitigated despite the residually red scores.

The Committee discussed the risk scores and noted that good progress was being made across most metrics. However, Health & Safety is again escalated for Board oversight, as the Committee could not be confident in the assurance given for the mitigating actions, until the Governance review had been undertaken and reported in June 23.

People Committee Annual Report

The Committee were assured that it had discharged its duties in accordance with its Terms of Reference.

The Committee approved the Annual Report, with minor changes, for submission to the Audit and Risk Committee meeting planned for 24/5/23.

Private Session

The Committee then held a private session to discuss the LGBT+ and Disability and Neurodiversity Survey outcomes. The Disability and Neurodiversity survey will be discussed by the Board at the meeting on 10.05.2023. The LGBT+ Survey will be released in June 2023. 



Matters for escalation or referral




 Health and Safety

The People Committee has low assurance and limited confidence in the most recent Health and Safety assessment and the Governance Team are to provide assurance to the Committee by June 23.

 The Trust Board needs to be assured that the Trust is complaint on its statutory Health & Safety duties

Gender neutral questioning on ePCR

Referral for oversight and assurance required by QGC and PAF Committees. This issue was also raised as part of the patient experience story to private Board in April 23.

 QGC oversees the clinical quality of record keeping and PAF supports the digital support for ePCR

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