Our vision and values

We have reviewed our Trust vision to ensure it is fit for the ever changing environment that is the NHS.

Our vision

#WeAreEEAST - Trusted to deliver compassionate care.

Our mission

We provide holistic high quality clinical mobile care or advice at the time patients need it.


Our goals

Our people have helped to shape the thinking behind our strategy to help make it clearer. As a result we have four goals: 

  1. We will focus on clinical quality and improvement to provide better care
  2. We will lead with compassion, creating a more positive culture to value our people
  3. We provide value for money for our communities
  4. We will strive to improve performance.

Our core values



We value warmth, empathy and compassion in all our relationships

Together as one, we work with pride and commitment to achieve our vision

We strive to consistently achieve high standards through continuous improvement

We value individuals, including our patients, our staff and our partners in every interaction

We value a culture that has trust, integrity and transparency at the centre of everything we do.

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