Our Research Studies

Here are some of the research studies we are currently working on: 


The University of Warwick is working with ambulance services in this area to study how best to give people life-saving medications if their heart suddenly stops (they have a cardiac arrest). More information can be found by clicking here.


Female ambulance staff experiences of menopause transition aims to evaluate current guidance, the support given and women's experiences of menopause in the workplace within UK Ambulance Services. 


STRategies to manage Emergency ambulance Telephone Callers with sustained High needs research study (STRETCHED) is evaluating the care given to people who make high use of emergency ambulance services.

Find out how to opt out of being a participant in STRETCHED.


TRIM Patient Privacy Notice 

This patient notification contains information about our research study TRIM, which is looking at how ambulance services responded to 999 calls for suspected COVID-19. Read the TRIM patient privacy notice here.



KARMA2 is a study which is looking to see whether ambulance clinicians can identify diabetic ketoacidosis using blood ketone meters and start fluid therapy. Learn more about this study here