Frequently requested information

This section of our website is dedicated to providing rolling data and information that is frequently requested from the Trust.

These reports will be updated regularly, so please do check back here for the latest published data.  

Please note: During 2018/19 EEAST has been given extra funds to pay for new staff and fleet. We are not commissioned to deliver national performance standards. This is a long term piece of work which all ambulance trusts began in 2017 and will complete by 2019.  

Emergency calls / Incidents

Activity by county 2017 and 2018 (December 2018)

Calls and responses by chief complaint (December 2018)

Trampoline park responses 2017 and 2018 (December 2018)

Calls to attend prisons in our area in 2018 (December 2018)


Hospital Handovers

Our data regarding hospital handovers available here.


Hoax Calls

Figures for hoax calls received by EEAST in 2018 (by county) can be found in the calls and responses by chief complaint (first tab).




Our performance data is available here.