EDI steering group

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion steering group provides support, advice, assurance and governance for the Trust Board to ensure we are committed to:

  • meeting the general equality duty as outlined in the Equality Act 2010
  • the implementation of the Equality Delivery System (EDS2) and the action plan
  • the implementation of the Workforce Race Equality Standard and the action plan
  • the development of a culture to promoting equality and diversity and eliminating discrimination.

Agenda and minutes

EDI Steering Group Minutes - 29th January 2018

EDI Steering Group Minutes - 26th September 2016

EDI Steering Group Minutes - 23rd February 2016

EDI Steering Group Agenda - 23th February 2016

EDI Steering Group Agenda - 11th November 2015

EDI Steering Group Minutes - 11th November 2015 


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Implementation Group

This group focuses on the relevant equality standards such as the Equality Delivery System, Workforce Race Equality Standards, as well as the new Accessible Information Standard. The group is connected to the EDI Steering Group, providing assurance the Trust is compliant in the relevant NHS equality standards.