Data quality

During the last financial year significant investment in people and technology have been made in the Digital Directorate focussing on the quality of our data and robust data delivery to reporting processes. The organisation has continued under the principles set out in the Trust’s five-year digital strategy to have a single version of the truth. The Trust’s data is securely held in our private “data lake” hosted in a secure NHS Cloud environment. 

The core systems data including Global Rostering System (GRS), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and electronic Patient Care Record (ePCR) are currently in the data lake with telephony and other systems being migrated in 2022/23. All data is validated against policies and procedures using advanced data quality tools and any differences, are flagged, and captured for investigation and or remediation 

The analysts in the team work closely with the other directorates to provide support in the creation of standard management reports for the single version of the truth. 

Providing advanced data visualisation in line with industry best practice and following the NHS practices of making data count. 

Further tools have been enabled to support self-service to gain access to secure data sets. The Trust Integrated Performance Report (IPR) went live in the new formats during the year. 

The Trust has a number of processes in place to ensure that data included within the Quality Account is accurate and provides a balanced view. These include: 

  • clinical data and outcomes
    • Checked and verified by the Clinical Audit Manager prior to submission to the national audit programmes
    • Monthly checks of the Department of Health statistical reports to ensure latest comparative data is included 
    • Assurance through internal governance processes to Board Level via the Integrated Board Report

  • Data Security Protection Toolkit
    • Assurance provided through Information Governance Group to Trust Board via the Audit Committee 
  • regular scrutiny of processes and information through:
    • Quality Governance Committee
    • Clinical Commissioning Groups contracting requirements
    • Data Quality Committee.



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