Corporate Trustee Assurance Report


 Corporate Trustee



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 Charities Committee Assurance Report

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Committee Date


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Neville Hounsome, Non-Executive Director 

Meeting quorate






The Board is asked to receive assurance from the business discussed at the meeting and to review the matters for escalation and referral. 

Link to Strategic Objective

Be an exceptional place to work, volunteer and learn


Provide outstanding quality of care and performance


Be excellent collaborators and innovators as system partners


Be an environmentally and financially sustainable organisation



Summary of Items Considered at the Meeting






 Charity Strategy

The Charitable Funds Committee received the Charity Strategy

The Committee recommended the charity strategy to the Corporate Trustee for approval


 Charitable Campaigns

Our “Outrun an Ambulance Campaign” received a second national award; the Health and Business Awards 2022 – NHS Publicity Campaign category. An EEAST team also won the hero award in the Who Cares Wins Awards appearing on Channel 4 in November.     



 NHS charities together

Stage 1 Charities Together (CT) projects have been largely delivered. Stage 2 has well defined project plans (see attached example of the roving cars project). 

6 roving cars for CFRs have gone live and our Unmet Needs pilot began before Christmas.


 Charitable bids

We will bid in January for a further £120k of CT funds for Covid recovery projects.

The Committee also agreed grant application for the Charity Development Grant (£30k) and an expression of interest for developing Green Spaces (up to £160k but nationally oversubscribed).

 These monies will support a revised model of welfare wagons providing more staff support rather than more consumables. The Trust is also funding aspects of this proposal.


Charitable Branding

Our new branding has been launched and a routine of regular communications has been established.



In the 9 months to 31st December, the charity received an income of £479k which includes the first part of the Blanche Bescoby legacy of £300k. Once the sale of the property which forms part of this legacy is complete, we anticipate further unrestricted funds of £150k - £250k.

Expenditures year to date total £248k. Total funds now stand at £1.8m which includes restricted NHS CT funds of £430k (90% committed), CFR funds of £690k and £100k of station funds. The general fund, which provides greatest scope for discretion, has been boosted by the Blanche Bescoby legacy to 480k.

 Expenditure has predominantly been spent on staff welfare projects (welfare wagons, gardens etc) and NHS charities together projects (roving cars, medical equipment for CFRs and admin costs).   


Matters for escalation or referral




 Charity Strategy

The Corporate Trustee is asked to approve the charity strategy (approved 18.01.2023)


Annual Report and Accounts 

The Corporate Trustee will receive the charity annual report and accounts for assurance


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End of reports.