Specialist training courses

We are able to bespoke courses for you and your business, including adding topics and scenarios to other courses that we offer.

Ann O'Sullivan taking notes on a D13 police firearms medic course

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Our basic AED course teaches you how to safely operate a defibrillator and includes adult and paediatric basic life support (BLS). It is suitable for anyone who has recently got a defibrillator. We can also offer shorter annual refresher courses to keep you up-to-date.

Police firearms medic (D13)

This course is designed to meet the requirements of the D13 regulations. We work hard to transfer the benefits of inter-agency working from the classroom into the field through close working partnerships with police services.

Moving and handling of patients and loads

Our moving and handling courses cover all aspects of manual handling including risk assessment, spine care, appropriate techniques and the law.

Falls assessment, treatment and prevention

This course is for carers and healthcare professionals who look after patients that are prone to, or at risk of falling. This course can be tailored to meet requirements, so do contact us to discuss your needs.

Fire safety

This course includes risk assessment, the theory of fire, prevention techniques, what to do in case of a fire and identifying a means of escape as well as identifying different types of fire fighting equipment.

Driver first assist (DFA)

This course is for professional lorry, bus and coach drivers. Run in conjunction with police, fire and ambulance services, it teaches drivers how to assist emergency services at the scene of a road traffic collision. This course counts towards seven hours of a driver's certificate of professional competence (CPC). For more information and booking see the official DFA website.

Emergency awareness

This two-hour course is designed for key stage three school students so we can teach them how the ambulance service works, how to use the service appropriately, and basic first aid skills such as CPR and the recovery position. Since the project began in 2012 we have taught more than 3,500 students.

Ann O'Sullivan training D13 police officers


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