Courses for healthcare professionals

TrainEEAST have specially designed courses for healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and dentists.

Training courses available for healthcare professionals

Basic Life Support + Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Our Basic Life Support + Automated External Defibrillator training course offers the full Basic Life Support training as well as teaching the safe operation of a defibrillator. This course takes 4.5 hours. We offer a half-day annual refresher course to keep you up to date.

We also offer a 1-hour Anaphylaxis Management course which can be added onto our Basic Life Support training courses. See below for more details.

We also sell Automated External Defibrillators. Contact us to find out more.

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Intermediate Life Support (ILS)

Our Intermediate Life Support training course aims to train healthcare personnel in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), simple airway management and safe defibrillation. This training will enable them to manage patients in cardiac arrest until the arrival of a cardiac arrest team and to participate as members of that team. We offer a 1-day full training course and a half-day refresher course.

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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training course which will teach you how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health problem. The course will also give you the skills to take care of your own wellbeing.

You do not need any prior knowledge to join us on a training course. You will be provided with all the necessary resources including a MHFA manual, workbook and a Line Managers’ resource book where required. This course is accredited by MHFA England. The duration of this training course is a half-day for awareness, 1 day to become a Mental Health Champion or 2-days for a full Mental Health First Aider qualification.

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Anaphylaxis Management

Our Anaphylaxis Management training course is suitable for Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Professionals, Teachers, or anybody who deals with allergy sufferers. The training course teaches the safe administration of adrenaline auto-injectors. The course takes approximately one hour and is usually taught in addition to our Basic Life Support training course.

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Dental Emergencies

Our Dental Emergencies training course focuses on the ‘ABCDE’ approach to patient assessment, management of medical emergencies, drug administration, effective team working and assisting the ambulance, with the overarching value of putting the patient first.

The training course is compliant with the General Dental Council’s Standards for Dental Professionals and the Resuscitation Council’s (UK) Standards for Clinical Practice and Training for Dental Practitioners and Dental Care Professionals in general dental practice.

This course takes 6-hours but can be tailored to your requirements.

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Falls Assessment, Treatment & Prevention

Our Falls Assessment, Treatment & Prevention training course is for carers and healthcare professionals who look after patients that are prone to, or at risk of falling. This course can be tailored to meet requirements, so please contact us to discuss your needs. This course takes 1 day.

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First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (FREC)

Our First Response Emergency Care Level 3 training course is designed for those seeking a career in the emergency services or for those who work in a high-risk workplace. This training course is ideal as an alternative to FPOSi and takes 5 days.

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For most of our training courses, we offer a refresher course to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, and this is strongly advised. The duration of the refresher courses is usually shorter. Please contact us to find out more.

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