Colleague Training and Education

In June 2021, the Trust lost its accreditation as a provider of apprenticeships. While this was disappointing, it led to us undertaking a review of our training and education functions and has enabled the Trust to focus on improving the learning environment for students and colleagues alike. EEAST worked closely with Health Education England on a set of improvement actions and started the process of developing a new training and education strategy for 2022-23, and beyond. The Trust recently completed the first stage of the development of an integrated people model which it will use to inform strategic people planning across the Trust. In addition to the above, the Trust experienced a number of other highlights:

  • 600 university students on placements from five university partners
  • 90 new paramedics training in partnership from University of Cumbria  
  • 5000 members of public trained by EEAST in our commercial services setting
  • 643 apprentices at EEAST for the academic year 2021-22 trained in partnership with Medipro
  • Moved to Abbeygate Sixth Form college as a new semi-permanent base where delivery of Medipro and University of Cumbria courses commenced.
  • A regular learner voice group for all Trust learners with a designated learner voice inbox

Appointed a new substantive director responsible for training and education.

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