Clinical Strategy 2023-2025

Our Clinical Strategy 2023-2025, developed in conjunction with our partners, sets out the ways in which we will continue to provide the very best care to of our patients in the coming years.

The strategy was created in conjunction with our local integrated care boards (ICBs) and is a new way of working, to ensure that people get the right care at the right time in the right place.The strategy explains how we will ensure that individual patient needs are met in order to improve outcomes as well as the overall patient experience throughout the whole of the urgent and emergency care system in the east of England.

We will continue to rapidly send the most appropriate response to our most critically unwell and injured patients in life-threatening situations, like cardiac arrest, stroke, major trauma or obstetric emergency. The response could be a double-staffed ambulance, rapid response vehicle, community first responder or even helicopters, in collaboration with our charity partners.

When an ambulance is dispatched, we provide outstanding, safe, quality of care to our patients. When the call is not a life-threatening emergency, our clinicians assess and treat patients over the phone and if an alternative care pathway is required, we will pass those patients to our clinical partners across the region.

Tailoring patient care in this way, and making more of the alternative care pathways that are available, will mean more patients are able to access the specific support they require, when they need it.



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