CallEEAST, our non-emergency and commercial contact centre delivers a range of both commercial, health and social care contracts to a wide range of clients, nationally.

CallEEAST provide the call handling and eligibility screening for our non-emergency patient transport services, telephone answering, virtual receptionists and full contact centre managed solutions to other NHS trusts, GP surgeries, and commercial clients such as Iceland Refrigeration, Bourn-Hall fertility clinics and a number of veterinary practices.

Throughout the initial phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, CallEEAST provided more than an income stream for us, its experience in service delivery and service design provided us with organisational resilience in the services and projects needed to respond to the pandemic. As we continued to operate within the pandemic, CallEEAST sustained the Covid-19 coordination centre which was pivotal in supporting our colleagues in accessing testing and real time advice regarding the Covid-19 virus. In addition, CallEEAST provided vaccination advice lines, and various other services to the wider health economy to support the response to Covid-19. 

CallEEAST onboarded a new omni-channel platform to ensure that it changes in line with outsourced contact centres and ultimately to ensure the retention of contracts and to maintain its competitiveness in target markets.

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