Annual Report and Accounts 2021-2022

Vision, Goals, and Values

Learn more about EEAST's values of Respect, Teamwork, Honesty, Quality, and Care on our dedicated Vision and Values page.


About This Report

Our annual report is produced so that we can present information about our services and report on our performance. We do this in line with our commitment to openness and transparency and the published guidance set out by the Department for Health and Social Care.

Some of the images used in this document were taken during various COVID-19 guidance and therefore do not always include the use of a face mask or social distancing.




Welcome From Our Chair

Chief Executive Officer Overview

Out Trust



Performance Report

This section provides information on how the Trust has performed during 2021- 2022

Section 1 - Delivering Outstanding Care, with Exceptional People, Every Hour of the Day

Urgent and Emergency Services

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

NHS Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response

Section 2 - Provide Outstanding Quality of Care and Performance to our Patients

Patient Safety

Patient and Public Involvement


Health and Safety

Infection Prevention Control

Section 3 - Be an Exceptional Place to Work, Volunteer and Learn

Our Colleagues

Colleague Training and Education

Colleague Relations

Staff Feedback and Survey

Health and Wellbeing

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

Community First Responders and Our Volunteers

Section 4 - Be Excellent Collaborators and Innovators as System Partners

Partnership working with the Fire Service

Partnership Survey



The East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust Charitable Funds

Section 5 - Be an Environmentally and Financially Sustainable Organisation


Digital Transformation and sustainability


Section 6 - Our Priorities

Accountability Report

Directors' Report

Governance Statement



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