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In Public Trust Board Action Tracker for the meeting on 10.05.2023
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85.6 Public Board, 15.03.2023, PUB22/3/85, Patient Story NED-WT to work with the DoN to share local organisations who could support developments for those with different communications needs NED-WT/DoN   Verbal update to be provided O
90.13 Public Board, 15.03.2023, PUB22/3/90, Integrated Performance Report Report timeline for the next phase of IPR developments DoCAP 10.05.2023  July – Proposed new metrics being agreed and processed at present.

Proposed for Closure
92.5 Public Board, 15.03.2023, PUB22/3/92, Inclusivity Plan Request consideration be given to the leadership pipeline for all minority staffing groups.  DoSCE 10.05.2023 We are currently developing an inclusion training plan for the next three years. Following the EDI surveys, it is clear we must have a thorough plan of how we will embed a level of cultural competence throughout our workforce.
The plan will cover a three year period and will demonstrate how we will build skills and knowledge with staff, and leaders, on several cultural elements. Part of the training plan will also cover how we will support staff with protected characteristics; this may be through providing access to courses run by ICBs or NHSE or access to internal led courses. 

Proposed for Closure
68.4 Public Board, 18.01.2022, PUB22/3/68, Board Assurance Framework Key strategic contracts to be identified and KPIs monitored at committee level DoF 10.05.2023 Head of Procurement to raise at EPAG to determine which contracts are considered ‘key’ and which Committee should receive report of KPIs O
45.16 Public Board, 09.11.2022, PB22/3/45, integrated performance report Request clarity on the actions taking place to manage non-compliance with appraisals
Request reporting on the impact of appraisals in 2023/24
DoSCE 10.05.2023 Actions taken to date:
• Appraisal Paperwork shortened and re released
• Trialling digital MS Appraisal form in MSE results for the last 6 months; this has increased compliance from 68% in Nov 2022 to 83% in Apr 2023
• Weekly reporting uploaded to all directorates on Teams, increasing visibility and constant reminders to conduct appraisals. This has helped increase appraisals from 33% in June 2022 to 74% in Apr 2023.
• New weekly report now filters down to individual level of compliance, providing more up to date and detailed feedback to all departments.
• Emails issued weekly to prompt non-compliance. More specific targeted emails have led to action in some directorates.
• Reminders and prompts via weekly Exec briefings
• Reporting monthly for ELT Goal One 
45.16 Public Board, 09.11.2022,  PB22/3/45, integrated performance report Request reporting of a training needs analysis in Q2 2023/24 DoSCE 13.09.2023 Item not yet due O
Business Delegated to Committees/ Private Board
62.7 Referral to Performance and Finance Committee
from Public Board, 18.01.2022, PUB22/3/62, Patient Story
Consider how improved information could be provided to patients on ambulance response times as part of the operational improvement plan.  DoN 26.04.2023 EEAST already has a text messaging system for patients which is in the development stages, phase 1 is complete. Phase 2 and 3 will include providing patients with text message updates regarding delays/ambulance times etc.

Proposed for Closure

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