Accountability Report

Our Strategy, Our People, Our Trust was launched during 2020 - our aim is to place our patients and colleagues at the heart of everything we do while delivering our vision of ‘outstanding care, exceptional people, every hour of every day’.

Our vision and four strategic goals continued to guide us in all of our work over the course of the last year, and our focus has rightly been on improving our culture and addressing the concerns raised by our CQC inspection through action plans, whilst also of course prioritising and continuing to improve our response and quality of service to patients.

We have made progress over the last year as we placed emphasis on setting out a clear destination and carefully mapping the journey to reach it successfully. The graphic below shows what we are expecting to achieve.

We recognise we are on a journey of improvement and this coming year will be about careful prioritisation and making sure we do a smaller number of key things well, that will make a significant difference to our improvement journey. However, we understand what our challenges are and accept them and know what is required to build the right foundations to be a successful and high performing organisation.

Our focus moving into the new financial year is continuing to build on this through our long-term improvement programme, Fit for the Future, focusing on our four key areas. Improvements within these themes will have a significant impact in the longer term across all parts of our service. The improvement programme is a long-term improvement approach which will continue throughout this year and into the next.


A successful year will mean:

Unitary Board - We have a visible and effective Board who live our values and Nolan Principles, driving strategy, delivery and assurance through the organisation.

Executive Leaders - We have an executive team who are equipped, responsive and reliable. We will listen and communicate well and do what they say. 

All Leaders - All our leaders in the Trust are actively being developed and are beginning to show the same behaviours.

Culture - Our people will express confidence our culture is improving, with increasing trust in the fairness and timeliness of all levels of management, our systems and processes.

Quality - Our patients and stakeholders know that our plans are delivering and we are providing consistently high care. 

Integration - Our partners see us as an important, active and cooperative partner in creating a sustainable urgent and emergency care system, turning to us to play a leadership role within multi-agency challenges. 

Delivery - We have demonstrable evidence of delivery against the plans we have set ourselves.


I confirm that this performance report complies with the reporting requirements.

Tom Abell
Chief Executive Officer


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