This section contains all the Trust documents, policies, notices relating to safeguarding.


Capacity to consent policy

Safeguarding - Learning from serious case reviews (April 2010)

JRCALC Sudden Infant death protocol  

Safeguarding prompt card - Essex 2015

Safeguarding prompt card - Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire 2015

Safeguarding children and young people policy  

Safeguarding adults policy

Policy supporting documentation 

Safeguarding training strategy 2011-2015

Young patients survey report

Mental Health Feb 2013 Clinical Quality Matters


Safeguarding reports and activities 

Safeguarding Report 2014/2015

Safeguarding Audit Results 2014-2015

May Audit results 2015

June Audit results 2015

July Audit results 2015

August Audit results 2015

September Audit results 2015

October Audit results 2015

November Audit results 2015

December Audit result 2015

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