This section includes all East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust documents, policies, notices etc relating to safeguarding.


Capacity to consent policy

Safeguarding - Learning from serious case reviews (April 2010)

JRCALC Sudden Infant death protocol  

Safeguarding children and young people policy  

Safeguarding vulnerable adults policy

Safeguarding training strategy 2011-2015

Young patients survey report

Mental Health Feb 2013 Clinical Quality Matters

Safeguarding annual report 2012/2013

Safeguarding Reports & Activities 

September Audit results 2013

October Audit results 2013

November Audit results 2013

December Audit results 2013

January Audit results 2014

February Audit results 2014

October - December 2012 Q3 Quarterly Audit results

Jan - March Q4 2012-13 Quarterly Audit results

Safeguarding Annual Audit results 2012-2013

Referral figures by area

Feedback chart


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