Our media team


Our press office deals with enquiries from local, regional and national media, working very hard to provide a fast and efficient response.

Larger scale incidents and general news are added to the News page, highlighted on the homepage and tweeted out via @EastEnglandAmb and posted on Facebook. Routine incidents are posted on the Incident page, with the latest incident posted highlighted on our incident bar across the site..

For media enquiries about incidents we may have attended, contact our press office on media@eastamb.nhs.uk or 01763 268772.

Out of hours media calls

Out of hours

The dedicated out of office hours number for media is 07500 121368 which operates from 5.30pm to 8.30am Monday to Friday evening, and throughout the weekend.

Major incidents

The out of hours press officer's principle role is to inform and support media when we have declared a major incident, such as a large-scale road traffic collision involving multiple fatalities/casualties, a serious shooting incident, a train crash, etc.

In times of a major incident please remember that monitoring the website and/or Twitter may be more beneficial than contacting the person on call.

Serious incidents

The out of hours press officer will give out information on serious incidents, providing you know the type of incident and the approximate location. These incidents tend to include those that have resulted in life-threatening injuries or multiple casualties.

They will not provide information to speculative enquiries, for example if you think an ambulance may have attended an incident. The reason for this is that because we cover six counties, on-call cover may involve working with several reporters at once, and so therefore a limit has to be placed on what we can assist with.

Trust-related stories

If you are running a non-incident, story us the following day and you require a quote or statement from EEAST, please contact the out of hours press officer who will determine whether or not they are able to help you. However, the case is usually that we’ll be able to provide a much clearer and robust response during working hours by virtue of more people being around to get the best and most up to date information, so it would still be better to be contacted during working hours whenever possible.

Historic enquiries

Enquiries relating to incidents earlier that week, less serious call outs, or speculative queries, will be dealt with on the next working day during normal office hours. Again, this is to help manage the potential volume of queries we can receive across the region. If your enquiry is regarding such an incident, please email your request to media@eastamb.nhs.uk and your query will be dealt with on the next working day.