What are our priorities and how are we doing

Annual reports:

To view our annual reports from 2006, please click on a link below:

2014-15 Annual Report
2013-14 Annual Report
2012 -13 Annual Report (Large file) 
2012 -13 Annual Report Part 1 / 2012 -13 Annual Report Part 2

2011 - 12 Annual Report
2010 - 11 Annual Report
2009 - 10 Annual Report
2008 - 09 Annual Report
2007 - 08 Annual Report
2006 - 07 Annual Report


Performance improvement action plan:

The Trust’s performance improvement action plan has been developed to deliver urgent transformational changes and set out six priorities for the organisation to focus on. It sets out exactly how, and when, the Trust is going to deliver service.

View the performance improvement action plan.


Ambulance quality indicators:

Clinical quality indicators for the ambulance service were introduced in April 2011. This set of 11 indicators replaced the Category B 19-minute response time target and moved to measure the performance of the ambulance service on what matters most to patients – quality and patient outcomes. The current live indicators can be viewed on the Department of Health's website at Ambulance quality indicators.

Each month the latest national performance figures are published in the form of a dashboard. View the latest results at ambulance clinical quality indicators dashboard.


Equality and diversity reports:

As a public body the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust is concerned with the well being of people who use our services and those who provide our services. The Trust recognises that diversity is inclusive and based on valuing everyone as an individual.

The Trust aims to ensure that equality and diversity is at the centre of our work and is integral to all our functions, policies, strategies and procedures as a means of eliminating institutional and individual discrimination. For information on equality and diversity in the Trust please visit the equality and diversity page.


Quality account:

Quality accounts' aim to enhance accountability to the public and engage the leaders of an organisation in their quality improvement agenda. To view the Trust's Quality Account for 2014/15 please use this link: Quality Account 2014/15


Patient confidentiality:

The Trust is committed to responsibly collecting and processing patient information. Please view our Data Protection leaflet to see how the Trust will use your confidential information.


The new NHS - What it means for you

The changes in the NHS aim to empower patients and local clinicians to make decisions about NHS services in your area. Patients in England now have more choice and control over where to go for treatment, and can use patient power to make services better. This infographic explains how the new NHS is structured.

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