EDS Content - Goal 4

Outcome 4.1

Boards and senior leaders conduct and plan their business so that equality is advanced, and good relations fostered, within their organisation and beyond.

The EDS is overseen by the Trust’s Equality, Diversity and Human Rights (EDHR) Steering Group which includes representation from the Trust User Group, Non Executive Director (Chair) and an Executive Director. The EDHR reports to the Quality, Risk and Assurance Committee (QRAC).  This committee is a sub-committee of the Trust Board. (Minutes of EDHR reference 1).

The Trust board is currently developing its overarching strategic objective(s) for Equality, Diversity and Human Rights and will when finalised will be embedded into the Trust’s annual plan, progress against which will be monitored through the formal governance structures of the Trust and SHA. (Reference 2 is an example board report relating to Equality, Diversity and Human Rights).

Our aim is to continue utilising the Equality Delivery System in supporting us in planning priority Equality, Diversity and Human Rights improvements in 2012/13 and for subsequent years.

We have included a specific section within our Human Resource(HR) Strategy (Reference 3) that details the Trusts aim to set a leading example of diversity and inclusion practices that help reduce inequalities both internally and in the communities we serve
Our staff survey was discussed at the Trust Board meeting in December 2011 and details how improvement plans were being developed in local areas to advance staff engagement (Reference 4).

The consistent area of priority for all outcomes within Goal 4 is the requirement for all leaders at all levels to have a good understanding of what cultural competence means.  During our planned Equality Analysis training we will start to develop the skills of senior leaders in appreciating how to interact effectively with people from differing cultures

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Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Steering group minutes - Reference 1 (Reference 1)

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Equality and Diversity references from Trust Board minutes 2011 (Reference 2)
Trust Board papers February 2011

Trust Board paper December 2011 - EDS

HR Strategy (Reference 3)
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Trust Board Agenda item - Organisational Health check and Staff Survey (Reference 4)
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Mandatory training matrix showing equality training for Directors (Learning and Development Policy) can be found within evidence list for 3.3
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Outcome 4.2


Middle Managers and other line managers support and motivate their staff to work in culturally competent ways within a work environment free from discrimination.

Managers at all levels are required to undertake specific Equality and Diversity training annually. (Mandatory training matrix).

They are required to act at all times in a manner consistent with Legislation, Policy and Procedures in a respect of Equality and Diversity.  Promote the principles within the team and take appropriate action to ensure compliance.(Job Descriptions- reference 1 and 2 and Knowledge and Skills Framework outlines (Reference 5 and 6).

In communicating with staff through internal newsletters, we additionally provide Equality and Diversity information to managers that engages them with the agenda.

In addition there are specific managerial responsibilities identified with the Dignity at Work Policy (Reference 3) and the Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Policy (Reference 4).

As mentioned in 4.1 our gap will be to further assist managers to take a more culturally competent approach in supporting and motivating their staff

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Mandatory Training requirements for Middle Managers can be found within the Mandatory training Matrix within 3.3 evidence.
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Job Description – Human Resource Business Partner
(Reference 1) 
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Job Description - Duty Operations Manager (Reference 2)
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Dignity at Work policy (Reference 3)
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Equality, Diversity and Human Rights policy (Reference 4)
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Middle Manager KSF outline example (Reference 5)
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Middle Manager KSF Outline example (Reference 6)
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Outcome 4.3

The organisation uses the competency framework for Equality and Diversity leadership to recruit, develop and support strategic leaders to advance equality outcomes.

Our Equality and Diversity Leads within the organisation do hold a wealth of skill and knowledge in specific Equality, Diversity and Human Rights. We hold Curriculum Vitae for the Non Executive Director chairing the EDHR meetings and have personal development plans for the other Equality and Diversity Leads. (Reference 1 and 2).

Additional work will be required to develop their skills in line with the competency framework. Their existing job descriptions and persons specifications for their roles should be mapped against the framework elements. For other leaders, in the first 12 months, knowledge and skill in cultural competence should be developed. This should be demonstrated through personal development reviews and the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework. Our EDHR Chair has provided a briefing note relating to the competency framework (Reference 3)

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Diversity Lead Job Description and PS (Reference 1)
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Associate Director Job Description and PS (Reference 2)
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Competency Framework briefing note from chair of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Steering Group
(Reference 3)
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